Monday, December 6, 2010

Fashion Haul: H&M,Urban Outfitters,and American Apparel

This past Saturday I went shopping in Philadelphia. I got to shop at stores that are normally not available to me. I picked up some great pieces, I tried to bargain shop as much as I cold but I splurged all little on some items from stores I rarely get to go to.

What I got from H&M...

Decorative Chiffon Top in Powder Beige $17.95
Very comfortable light weight top contrasts well with dark jeans.

Long Sleeve Lace Top in Brown Grey $19.95
this isn't the exact but similar, great to layer over tanks

what I got from American Apparel...

Stretch Velvet Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress in Navy $42.00
super soft velvet!

what I got from urban outfitters...

Pins and Needles Metallic Lace Top in Black $42.00

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

I have been using this product for six months or so. I got it from fantastic sams hair salon, it was recommended but you can also find it at various other places. I use a lot of heat frequently, I flat iron my hair a lot so it tends to be damaged and proned to getting split ends. This product is a leave-in treatment, applied to your ends to make your hair stronger. It does not completely prevent split ends, I have noticed a great difference in my split ends using this product. They are not as bad as they are without it. I recommend this product to any one who flat irons their hair regularly. I apply it to my hair damp after showering, concentrating on the ends.

Monday, November 22, 2010


So I was shopping in Macy's a couple weeks ago, just browsing around, I took the escalator to the second floor I look to the right and I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a MAC Counter! My jaw dropped. Since when did my mall have a MAC? Why didn't I know about this? I was so shocked and surprised. I thought my mall would never get a MAC. I found out the counter just opened a couple days earlier. Before I had little availably to a MAC, since before the nearest one was about an hour away. I'm so excited now I can purchase more MAC products. Seeing the new counter I had to purchase something. They still had a lot of stuff from the venomous villains. I really wanted something from that collection so I bought the Maleficent Lipglass in Revenge is Sweet. I love the color. I thought it would be very bold but its not at all, its the perfect shade.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Haul: Wet Seal, Walmart, & Hollister

Here are some items I bought over the past few months, I haven't really been able to shop that much recently which is really sad. I think fashion right now and was is in store is at its prime.I love everything!

What I got from Wetseal...

Lace Long Sleeve Tee in Dark Grey $10.50
I got this tee in dark grey. It is not the exact same one I got. The one I bought only had lace on the sleeves and had a different lace pattern.

Studded Shoulder Wrap in Taupe $21.50
I got this in the Taupe color.! I love the wraps from wetseal!

What i got from Walmart...

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Long-Sleeve Button-Down Denim Shirt $5.00
Love this! I got in on sale for 5 bucks. A denim shirt is a staple piece, you can wear it so many ways.

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Destroyed Denim Shorts $5.00
I got this on clearance too. Its not the same exact pair I got. Mine is a lighter wash, folded at the bottom, and studded on the sides.

What i got at Hollister...

Since I work at Hollister I can get two items every season for 50% off.

Solana Beach Sweater in Navy $39.50

Arch Bay in Light Navy Plaid $30.00

Arch Bay in Light Red Plaid $30.00

The HCO Jegging in Dark Rinse $30.00

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashion Haul: Wet Seal & Hollister

A few items I have added to my closet recently...

I got a $25 gift card to wetseal for my birthday so id decided to use it on an awesome deal wetseal is having currently which is 5 basic items (plain tees, tanks, leggings, shorts, etc.) for $20 so I could get more for my money instead of spending it on one item.

V Neck Tee in Fuchsia $4.00
Recently wetseal redesigned their V necks with a wider collar and a slightly different fit and material. I like them the material is more breathable and not as tight.

V Neck Tee in Deep Olive $4.00
I also got another V Neck in Yellow

Basic Amber Cami in Wine $4.00
This is not the exact one I got because its not online its similar though but it has a small lace trim on the collar.

Rib Tank Top in Black $4.00
I got this in black.

Chiffon Stud Tank Top in Olive $10.00
This is not the exact one I got its similar made out of chiffon in a green color but has different beading.

I also bought an outfit for work I'm going to be working at Hollister.

Surfriders Beach Plaid Button Down in Pink Check $29.89

Laguna Skinny Jeans in Navy $49.50

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Products I Love Review: Garnier Fructis

I've been using Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo for about sic months now & it has become my favorite shampoo. I love that it is a thick gel shampoo not watery at all and it really works as it says. It has a fresh clean scent. I use this shampoo because my hair tends to dry out because I use a lot of heat. This shampoo replenishes the moisture lost and keeps my hair looking healthy.

Another product that I've been using from the triple nutrition line is the Nutrient spray which is a mix of olive, avocado, and shea. You can even seen the layers in the bottle. My hair gets really dry after straightening so I use this spray to add moisture and keep it smooth & soft. It works wonders, you only need 2-3 sprays to avoid making your hair greasy if too much is applied.

I just recently purchased the sleek & shine anti-humidity smoothing milk. I bought because i needed something to tame my frizz from the heat & humidity and from straightening it. When I first tried out the product it really did not work to well maybe because my hair was really frizzy from the combination of humidity and straightening it. After a couple uses it works really well at taming my frizz. I would recommend just like the spray as using it in small amounts to avoid having too much product in your hair. I usually use it on my towel dried hair after a shower. I find that works the best.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion Haul: Wet Seal

Few things I picked up from Wet Seal today...

1 Shoulder Sublimation Top $21.50
Sweater material, soft off the shoulder sublimation rose print with pink rinestones.

Stripe Crochet Back Wrap $22.50
Sweater material, dresses up a plain tank crochet detailing on the back. I really needed one of these wraps its definitely a staple for fall.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion Haul/Review: Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud

I first saw Selena's Line "Dream Out Loud" on The View and it definitely caught my eye and made me want to check it out. Her line is available at Kmart Stores and it very affordable and well priced. I was hesitant before checking out the clothing that the quality would not be that good but I was very impressed. The clothing is made very well and the fabric is very soft. I highly recommend this line for affordable back to school clothing.

Items I got from the line...

Stripe Boyfriend Tee in Pinkberry $10.00
Light weight cotton loose fit top, very soft material. You can layer it with a tank underneath.

Zip Bottom Knit Jegging in Indigo $16.00
Very comfortable soft material, stretchy and well made jegging.I highly recommend these jeggings they are comparable to brand name and half the price. They come in gray,black,blue,&purple.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Must Haves: Fall Fashion

Just a little collection of pieces that i think our must haves for this fall...

Mia Sierra Sandal $36.99 @ Buckle

Rebels Taos Moto Ankle Boot $65.50 @ Delias

Maisie Army Sweatshirt Jacket $49.50 @ Delias

Dark Wash Jegging $34.50 @ American Eagle


Torn Lace Tank 10.99 @ Wet Seal


Studded Chambray Shirt &22.80 @ Forever 21






Printed Shark Bite Tank $10.00 @ Wet Seal

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quads

You've probably seen these quads from maybelline at your local drugstore. They have been out for awhile now and I have collected a few. I've seen these products get very mixed reviews I guess it depends on the quality eye shadow your used to and what you compare it to. I actually really like the quads. They are very versatile I like to mix them in with other eye shadows both high end and drugstore and they work very well together and you can create a ton of different looks. I also use the quads as a look together. I usually take the lightest color and put it in the inner corner then I take the next color and pit it on the entire lid and the third color I put in the crease and outer corner. I usually just use the first three for a casual day look because the 4th color is usually really dark so I would use it for a night look or if i was going somewhere special. I own three of the quads at the moment they are...

70 Copper Chic- probably my favorite that I own very wearable colors, a champagne color, a pinkish light copper color, a golden brown copper color, and a reddish dark copper color.

90 Irresistibly Ivy- The mix of colors is really different, this is probably my least favorite quad (bought it first though the green color caught my eye it is very unique) but I have found good uses for this quad. The bad thing about this quad is that the colors look terrible together and don't blend together at all. I wouldn't advise to wear them together but they work very well separately. The first color is a nude color which I have found doesn't work with really any look though it could be used for a base, I use it as a powdered form concealer to set under my eyes it really works well for that. The second color is an orangey bronze color probably my least favorite color because it doesn't look very good with my skin tone but it would probably work better for darker skin tones. The third color is a gorgeous aquamarine i have used this color mixed with silver's and dark blues and created a very pretty look. It works best when mixed with other eyeshadows in a look. The fourth color I really like as well its a dark burgundy and I usually use it in a look where I where mac's sable on the lid and the burgundy in the crease.

50 Taupe Tempress- I really like this quad as well its a mix of pinks with silvers. The first color is a vivid white, the second is a very light berry pink, the third is a silver gray, and the fourth is a very dark berry it appears to be lighter than it is but it definitely has charcoal mixed in it so it comes out as a dark gray with berry reflects.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trends For Fall: Embellished Denim

In style for fall 2010, new trend of embellished denim. Jeans with intricate patches and designs on pockets and on the front. I first spotted some of these jeans in Express's new catalog and they are definitely a must have for fall in my opinion.

These have a detailed pattern on the right side which wraps around the side of the jean and also has a matching pattern on the back pocket.

These have embellishments on the front pockets of jewels and similar matching details on the back pockets.

These have black lace detailing down both sides.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fashion Haul: Kohls, Victoria Secret, & Wet Seal

I went shopping today. Yay! I haven't been in awhile. I went to Kohls to check out the new Candies stuff. Basically the only brand I buy from there. Britney Spears has a new line that she designed for Candies "Britney <3 Candies." There were so many cute pieces in that line. heres what I got...

Lace Crop Swing Top on sale for $20.80

Embellished Leopard Tank on sale for $20.80
I got this in large so it would be a dress rather than a tank I like it better that way.

Non Candies Clothes I got aswell...

Lace Trim Camisole on sale for $7.99
I got this to layer underneath the lace crop top, this cami also has a built in bra which is nice. I bought this in white.

Capri Leggings on sale for $7.99

Mesh Shorts $8.99
I got them in yellow.

Victoria Secret: I got a coupon in the mail for some free panties & $10 off a pink purchase so I had to use it to finally buy some "hot pants"

Pink Yoga Pants $22.50

Wet Seal:

Tube top $10.50