Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow Quads

You've probably seen these quads from maybelline at your local drugstore. They have been out for awhile now and I have collected a few. I've seen these products get very mixed reviews I guess it depends on the quality eye shadow your used to and what you compare it to. I actually really like the quads. They are very versatile I like to mix them in with other eye shadows both high end and drugstore and they work very well together and you can create a ton of different looks. I also use the quads as a look together. I usually take the lightest color and put it in the inner corner then I take the next color and pit it on the entire lid and the third color I put in the crease and outer corner. I usually just use the first three for a casual day look because the 4th color is usually really dark so I would use it for a night look or if i was going somewhere special. I own three of the quads at the moment they are...

70 Copper Chic- probably my favorite that I own very wearable colors, a champagne color, a pinkish light copper color, a golden brown copper color, and a reddish dark copper color.

90 Irresistibly Ivy- The mix of colors is really different, this is probably my least favorite quad (bought it first though the green color caught my eye it is very unique) but I have found good uses for this quad. The bad thing about this quad is that the colors look terrible together and don't blend together at all. I wouldn't advise to wear them together but they work very well separately. The first color is a nude color which I have found doesn't work with really any look though it could be used for a base, I use it as a powdered form concealer to set under my eyes it really works well for that. The second color is an orangey bronze color probably my least favorite color because it doesn't look very good with my skin tone but it would probably work better for darker skin tones. The third color is a gorgeous aquamarine i have used this color mixed with silver's and dark blues and created a very pretty look. It works best when mixed with other eyeshadows in a look. The fourth color I really like as well its a dark burgundy and I usually use it in a look where I where mac's sable on the lid and the burgundy in the crease.

50 Taupe Tempress- I really like this quad as well its a mix of pinks with silvers. The first color is a vivid white, the second is a very light berry pink, the third is a silver gray, and the fourth is a very dark berry it appears to be lighter than it is but it definitely has charcoal mixed in it so it comes out as a dark gray with berry reflects.

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