Saturday, January 30, 2010

Liplicious Lip Gloss Review/Haul

I went to the mall yesterday stopped by bath & body works, I wanted t get some new lipglosses since I really don't have many at the moment. I couldn't resist because they were having a sale buy 2 get one free. I got my first Liplicious as a gift for a secret santa exchange at my school. The flavor I got was Strawberry Daquri & got addicted to it. I got the flavors shown above.
Saltwater Taffy- which tastes just like saltwater taffy which I love! Its sheer light purple, Blue Colada- which is my absolute favorite I tried it first and had to have it. It tastes like something so familiar like a drink I can't remember but its one of the best flavors of lipgloss I have ever tried. Its sheer light greenish blue, & Passionfruit Guava-which is very fruity flavor. Its not sheer so it has a little bit more color a pinky coral color.
These lipglosses are definitely worth the money in my opinion. The quality & the flavors are very incomparable to any other brand of lipgloss I have tried. Compared to drugstore brands I have tried in the past the flavor & the quality isn't as good. The are also really good for on the go you can slip them into your pocket, your purse, your school bag, or whatever. I will most like go back and purchase some more.

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